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A majority of detections are not listed here. This is a very basic preview of what we detect.
  • Killaura: We detect most blatant forms of killaura, with minimal false positives.
  • Velocity: We detect 99.9% of both vertical and horizontal velocity modifications.
  • Reach: We are able to detect reach modifications as low as 3.01.
  • Hitbox: Any modifications to the hitbox is detected.
  • Fly: Any form of fly modification is detected.
  • Speed: Any modification to the player's movement speed that grants an advantage will be detected.
  • Scaffold: We detect most blatant forms of Scaffold.
  • Nofall: A majority of Nofall's modification is currently detected at this time.
  • And other movement hacks are detected.
  • Timer: We are able to detect timer modifications of 1.01 or higher.